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Safe Place: A Haven for

Black Dagger Brotherhood Fan Fiction

Safe Place: A Haven for BDB Fan Fic
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Safe Place: A Haven for Black Dagger Brotherhood Fan Fiction

THIS is a community for fan fiction based on J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Het, slash, femslash, canon and non-canon pairings are all welcome.

● All posts must be members only.
● You may only post fan fiction you've written yourself. Do not post anyone else's work.
● Posting recommendations for other people's BDB fic with a link to their location is permitted and even encouraged.
● Constructive criticism is allowed, but flames are not.
● Do not bash other people's choice of pairings or characters. If you dislike a particular pairing or character, simply don't read fics featuring it.
● Read this post after you join the community for clarification on what is and isn't allowed.

All entries not following this guideline will get deleted and a note will be sent to the respective authors asking them to post again following the rules.

● Title:
● Author:
● Rating:
● Characters:
● Pairings:
● Word Count:
● Disclaimer:
● Summary:

● The fic must be under a LJ-Cut. Don't know how? Learn here, please.

redcandle17 , tekla & bitsofbrits are making the experience possible. ❤

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